The Management Approach

The Marketing & Client Services: department sources for and maintain direct link with Clients while ensuring timely response to all clients request and complaint bearing in mind the need to ensure client’s satisfaction at all times

The Corporate Service Department: is structured to provide logistics and support in the area of provision of security equipment, Kits/accoutrements, Uniforms and protective, materials security accessories and manpower requirement.

The Human Capital Department: recruits, selects, interviews and places our field personnel in relation with appropriate training requirement of the prospective client. Under this department is the Training unit which is one of the most important units within the organization. The unit is saddled with the responsibility of conducting regular training of cadets. The department equally engages in regular visit to client’s location to perform on the job training and direct assessment of field personnel’s performance.

Special Duty/Quality Assurance Department: Our organization pays premium attention to the quality of the services rendered to our client hence the activities of this department envelopes regular and quarterly assessment questionnaire sent to our client to elicit their assessment of our performance. They equally run quality assurance test on every part of our operation to ensure strict compliance to policies and processes set periodically by management.

Accounts Department: ensure accountability of the company’s funds and preparation of financial information to the Board of Directors and Shareholders and other statutory regulatory bodies

The Operation Department: is the life wire of the organization under whose control the Security guards and their activities lies. Operation Department ensures compliance with our organization’s Rules & regulations and enforces strict compliance with clients’ guidelines/post Orders rules while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness of service.