We Provide Quality Services

Every Strength Guard is kitted to an average American Police Standard. The guards’ uniform comprise of blue short sleeved shirt over black trousers sown to size, Each officer is also issued with one original Sam brown leather belt with all accessories and a head-gear in addition to Glover branded boots to match.

The above dressing presents a stern yet amiable look which enhances the corporate image of our host company.

Strength officers are bi-annually trained to conform to changing realities within the security industry. The training commandant, a retired military officer and his team utilizes modern equipment in their bid to re-orientate and inculcate the best discipline to the cadets that are regularly passed out at intervals. At Strength Security, we are of the opinion that officers above 45 years can no longer be effective as regular guards hence our major focus is to recruit and train officers within the age range of 24-36 years. To enhance efficiency, our guards are all trained to perform, at least three of the following functions aside from his regular security duties; receptionist, lifeguard, fire fighter, driver and public relations officer. Our training are usually elaborate, detailed and touch the very nerve of security requirement in our modern society. All of the above is aimed at producing dedicated, alert and security conscious guards that are capable of providing effective and efficient security service to our clients’ locations.

In consideration of the risk involved in security operations, our management has in place an insurance package to address incidents peculiar to the security service industry.

In recognition that Guards on duty are exposed to risks that may result in accidental death, temporary or permanent disability, our Guards at entry point are enrolled in our Group life Insurance Policy which addresses all the above in eventualities.